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Genuine Original SONY Remote Control RM-AAU027

HT-DDW5000, HT-DDW5500, HT-DDW7600, HT-DDW8600, STR-KM7600, Genuine Original SONY AV SYSTEM / Home Theatre Remote Control RM-AAU027. 1-480-590-21, 148059021. = NOW SUBSTITUTED TO RM-AAU020. PLEASE READ FULL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.

$ 49.95

SONY Genuine Original AV SYSTEM / Home Theatre Remote Control RM-AAU027 now substituted to RM-AAU020.

GO Company Product Code: RC RM-AAU020, also known as RM-AAU027, RMAAU027.
Description: Brand New Genuine Original AV SYSTEM / Home Theatre Remote Control RM-AAU027.
Remote Number: RM-AAU027 (SONY Part Number: 1-480-590-21, 148059021)
Remote Type:
 InfraRed (IR)
Supplied with SONY Models: HT-DDW5000, HT-DDW5500, HT-DDW7600, HT-DDW8600, STR-KM7600.

The model number can usually be found on the back of your AV SYSTEM / Home Theatre, or on the front of your owner manual / instructions.  If not sure, please ask us.

Please note that the original SONY remote control RM-AAU027 is no longer available from SONY and that we are supplying the original SONY remote control RM-AAU020 as a substitute.

The original SONY remote control RM-AAU020 (pictured below) has all the same buttons and functions of the original SONY remote control RM-AAU027, except it is missing the "VIDEO2" and "THEATRE" buttons.

If the "VIDEO2" and "THEATRE" are important to you please do not purchase.


Requires 2 x AA batteries

In stock, ready to GO!

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